The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD

the walking dead06The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD” first team trailer choreography rhythm from slow to fast, from Rick panic after awakening to a person on a horse dazed walking in the open city, a sense of loneliness and desolation quite a bit, “I Am Legend,” the opening taste subsequently seen before stills Rick encounter zombies attack paragraphs in the trailer also has exposure, it is learned that some of the shooting, Frank Darabont closed the whole street, and use of a helicopter, the light from trailer can smell the tension in the atmosphere. Other play a major role in the trailer are a glimpse of the coefficient of appearances, including “Prison Break” actress Sarah Wayne Kali Si.

In addition to explain the plot, characters, scenes and tense atmosphere outside, this extra-long trailer also succinctly brought out the core of the original comic books, through the protagonist Rick shot from struggling to resolutely combat, focusing brings out the character’s mental activity and change, the dark side of human nature in catastrophe exposed. Sorrow die of hunger everywhere, The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD zombies everywhere, in which human beings linger, bringing destruction and harm not only those walking corpses, as well as live human fighting each other. The hero of the story again and again thrown into despair, but also gives the viewer one kind of sad immersive eschatological hope.

Trailer quite satisfactory, Now The Walking Dead Seasons 1-4 DVD have been upload. but detailed in place, no big scenes overblown, but Frank Darabont on creating an atmosphere tense and emotional care does not live up to the eschatological drama fans hope.

In addition, the first episode of the drama has been determined from one hour of conventional length extended to 90 minutes. Meanwhile, the “walking dead,” the first episode will be at this year’s Halloween October 31 immediate concern, it seems that in addition to looking forward to the annual horror film horror film fans, you can also enjoy this drama brought under zombie thriller. There are many more hit TV series DVD, you know? Once Upon A Time Season 2 DVD Box Set | NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 DVD Box Set | NCIS Season 10 DVD Box Set | CSI Las Vegas Season 13 DVD Box Set and more information can learn on website.

The Walking Dead” adapted from Robert Jike Man (Robert Kirkman) best-selling comic book “The Walking Dead” from “The Shawshank Redemption” director Frank Darabont as writer, director and executive producer, behind the building on the list are: “Terminator” series instigator Gail Anne Hurd. The play has already start shooting, do not rule out because of the ratings are very good, and the number of possible additional book.